Six Steps towards your best Back to School ever

The clock is ticking. It’s nearly time!

For Back to School of course.

Those heady early days of the long summer holidays have drifted into weeks; and suddenly the momentum is building towards September and Back to School.

Whether one or more of your children is starting a new school, or moving up a year in their current school, it can be a challenging and stressful time for you all.

But is there anything you can do to ease the process? Help everyone to prepare for it and make sure things go smoothly?

Here are our Six Steps for your best Back to School ever.


Double check the date and time to be there

This may sound obvious, but it is so easy to get this wrong. So do check what day your child needs to be in, and also the time. Remember that days and times may be different depending which school year your child is in. Make sure you get off to the best of starts and that your child isn’t the one who turns up a day late!


Go through the uniform and equipment list – again

It is so easy to read things but miss them. There is almost always something on the list that either you have forgotten or is the wrong type of item. And, sod’s law, it will be the one thing that your child needs on the first day. So check again!


Allocate dedicated storage space for all the school stuff

Children’s bedrooms are often a bit short on storage space. But to make your school mornings easier, it really does help if you can stick to the old saying “a place for everything. and everything in its place”. So try to find some dedicated storage for all the school stuff: uniform, PE kit, stationery items etc. It doesn’t matter whether this is in your child’s room, a spare room, a cupboard in the hall or a kitchen cabinet. 

Dedicate that space to the school stuff and keep everything in there. This will hopefully avoid those mornings where everyone is in a frenzy trying to find something that your child desperately needs that day but seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.


Start moving bedtime back a few days in advance

Let’s face it. Most kids stay up later during school holidays. And why not. But what you don’t want is an exhausted unhappy child for their first day back at school. 

So a clever thing to do is to gradually start bringing bedtime a little earlier every night for a few days before they go back to school. That way, the night before school starts they should be pretty much on track for normal school night bedtime.


Get everything ready the night before

Talking of the night before, it is worth getting everything ready so that there are no nasty surprises or potential delays on the first morning. 

So take time the night before to:

  • Lay out school uniforms
  • Pack school bag
  • Pack PE kit
  • Have any relevant forms or information to hand.

Also, if your child has to take a packed lunch, either prepare this the night before or make sure that everything will be easy to find in the morning.


Plan your morning schedule

Whether your child travels to school on their own, or you take them, you need to agree on a time to leave home. And stick to it – come what may. Remember to build in time for delays en route. 

Then work back from there to make sure there is time to get up, washed and dressed without being rushed, and also time to have a proper breakfast.


If you can follow the above six steps, you will be well on the way to having your best Back to School ever. Even better is if you can then stick to them throughout the school term so that you get into a new routine that makes all your lives run much more smoothly.

Easier said than done, we know! But good luck.

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