Direct Loans

What is a direct loan?

A direct loan is a loan that you agree directly with your lender. There is no-one else involved, for example a credit broker to help you find the loan. You go to the lender direct.


What are the advantages of a direct loan?

There are two main advantages of agreeing your loan direct with the lender:

  • The cost of setting up the loan is likely to be cheaper. If you go through a credit broker to help you find your loan, you will then have to pay additional fees to that company for finding you the loan. This will make your loan more expensive.
  • You will get your money sooner. If you are going through a third party to get your loan, it is likely to take more time to get approved and you will have to wait longer before receiving your money.


Are there any risks when taking out a direct loan?

Many of us are anxious about anything to do with money, which is often what stops you trying to sort out your finances. 

You may worry about taking out a direct loan either in case it turns out to be poor value, or that there are things in the small print that you don’t understand. You may also be concerned about being accepted for a direct loan if you have poor credit history.

A reputable lender will understand these concerns and put your mind at rest. Let’s take a look.


Direct Loans from Advantage Loans

At Advantage Loans we offer direct loans of between £250-£2000. When you apply for a direct loan with us we will explain to you up front how much you owe, what the interest rates are, what repayments you will need to make and for how long. We do not charge set up fees and there are no hidden costs.

If you have poor credit history we will still consider your loan application. We treat every case on its merit, and our main priority is whether you can afford the loan repayments now, rather than what has happened in the past.


So, if you are interested in a direct loan from Advantage Loans, then you can find out more and apply for your loan here.